Drop Shipping Policy

We understand and appreciate the value of drop shipping. We are happy to drop ship orders directly to your customers. Currently, there is no fee for dropshipping.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, drop shipping is a system that allows us to ship products out to your customers under your business name without you needing to stock your own inventory space, or spend valuable time on the shipping process. Our name appears nowhere on the packaging or paperwork of your order. Even our drop shipping catalog is designed so that it displays all of our products with no mention of our company name anywhere but on idreammart products.

How does all of this work? It's really very easy. The general guidelines to drop shipping are listed below, but feel free to contact us by support@idreammart.com if you need any assistance figuring things out.

  1. To drop ship with us you must first be a registered member of us, then send a request to support@idreammart.com.
  2. Please ensure that you have received payment from your customer before placing your order with us. It is not our responsibility to hold orders you have already placed until you receive payment from your customers.
  3. Our transactions with you will be separate from your transactions with your customers; you should never enter your customer's credit card information as a payment method with us.
  4. Our name will not appear anywhere on the package or on the return label. The only exception to this is if an iDreamMart branded product has been ordered. In this case our name appears on the label of those products.
  5. The return address on the package will be your business name and address, as given to us with your order. Please note that this will include your name, business name, business address, and business phone number.
  6. We will charge you at standard wholesale rates for the order. The quantity discounts only apply if all of the items shipped are going to one customer and one address. Each package you send out is considered a different order for the purposes of quantity discounts.
  7. There will be no pricing displayed on the packing slip.
  8. We prefer to be paid by credit card (Visa), or by Paypal (payment must accompany order, and be sent to paypal@idreammart.com). If you would like to use other payment methods, such as Western Union, Check, or Money Order, you will have to contact us to discuss these options.
  9. Packages shipped via our drop shipping program are the same as normal order typically shipped via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), though larger orders tend to be shipped via UPS/DHL. It depends on the shipping method you choose when you place the order at our website. And we will not charge any handling fee.
  10. We will ship anywhere that will accept packages from the China. You are, however, responsible for any shipments that are denied by customers. Also, please note that customers are liable for any duty charges.
  11. Should your customer need to make a return or have another issue with their order it will be handled by you. You may then handle a return with us normally.
  12. It is easy to place a drop ship order on our website: go to www.idreammart.com simply select and enter your items and add to cart, select “Ship to different address” and add your customer's shipping address in the “ship to address” field.
    1. When entering your customers address in a web order do not abbreviate the city, do not copy and paste foreign addresses (the symbols do not always match US format), and do not use periods or number signs.
    2. Please double check all address before placing your orders. You can confirm addresses at the USPS website (www.usps.com). If an order is shipped to the incorrect address and we must correct it there is an address correction fee of $12.00. If it is not correct it may otherwise simply be returned to you via the shipping service.

And finally, you should note that an order is not a drop ship of we are shipping it to you or another shipping address for your business. An order is only a drop ship order if we are shipping it directly to your customer.