About Us

Founded in 2003, idreammart.com is a leading online retail store specializing in selling Chinese style products & customizable products, Chinese clothing, Wedding apparel and other widely selectable styles of apparel. We always strive to provide customer with high quality products at a competitive price and respect their need. Helping people all of the world find the treasure of China, iDreammart.com is willing to share “Best brands created in China“.

With the believing of the global service without differentiation can shorten the distance of our customer at every corner of the world. Every day, our customers share their shopping experiences and surprises on iDreammart.com and through bunch of Social Network Sites. And now, it is honorable for us to have those loyal fans who witnessed our fast growing over the past years.

A constructive advice is always offered if you find hard to choose your long expected merchandise, please be sure for those recommendation are always offered by iDrammart dress lovers full of fashion enthusiasm.

Reason for best online price is easy! One is not greedy, the other is lower operation than a retail store! We aren't looking to pressure our customers into buying a gown that is not right for them. For our goal to you is to be your friend in the clothing business! We don't employ a sales staff or alterations department, all of which add to the cost of operation.

Tutorial suggestions will be provided with from your purchase intention initiation, aiming at flattering style, befitting size, matching color. Then details devoted design, careful tailoring, check line, delivery goods. Our customers representatives are always with you this full stop. One of our team appointed as customer manager, will strictly trace each order, even each gown. He or she will communicate with you during each gown's manufacture flow.

Before you enter into iDreamMart.com, you might have dreamed a dreamy dress. If looking through seas of different gowns leads to a disappointed mood sometimes, please note our customer service is open for any gown or any picture of gown you provided. Maybe you want stunning floral embellishments, vintage inspired beading, romantic cap sleeve, scalloped sweetheart neckline combined with sumptuous fabrics, perfectly cut silhouettes. By our custom service, your dreamy dress can be seen.